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I recently gave a talk to the San Diego chapter of the Sierra Club Photography group relating to storm chasing. This is a new project, for the last couple of years, to photograph lighting and storms from a landscape photographers perspective.

This has been a fun learning experience. This page is provided to give a list of links that are helpful in this pursuit. They inlcude links directliy relating to storm chasing as well as a few relating to having fun on the road.

If you have something to add or think I should change please contact me.


Links related to current weather, forecasting and storm information.


The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has a number of sites that are great for checking weather status, forecasts and education.

weather underground
Weather Underground provides good timely information that can be very localized. Maps, forecast and local information.
surface weather charts

Surface Weather Charts is provided by Weather Roanoke. Although this is an east coast site it has map information for national and regional levels.

Weather Tap Weather Tap is a paid subscription site that provides Real-time Radar, Hi-Res Satellite Imagery, Lightning Strike Data, Storm Tracks, Local Weather as well as Weather Forecasts.
storm track Stormtrack is a great community site that gives you current information from the chasers perspective. You can post current information, ask about conditions, share your photos, and generally communicate with other groups.
Weather Maps
This site provides a range of maps for various conditions.
The following links are good educational and equipment sites.

NOAA Technical Memorandum NWS SR-145
Weather Glossery
This NOAA sponsored site provides a comprehensive glossery of weather and storm related terms.

NOAA Jetstream
Jetstream is another NOAA sponsored site that is an online weather school. This is a good place to get started with a foundation.
storm chasing handbook
The "Storm Chasing Handbook" by Tim Vasquez is a great resouce for the chaser. It's available at "" which as a wealth of informative books.
Lightning Trigger
The Lightning Trigger is a camera trigger that mounts on the flash shoe of your camera. It detects the first leader bolt and then triggers your camera. Very helpful in trying to photograph lightning in the daytime. Best used in a very active area.
These links are to my favorite "on the road" side trips.
beermapping project
As a homebrewer and lover of craft beers this is my favorite travel site. The Beermapping Project is a listing of many of the craft breweries and beer pubs. Check it out by state. You can usually purchase a growler of your favorite beer to enjoy at the end of the day. Keep it sealed and in an ice chest while driving.
flavortown usa This is the site from Diners, Drive-ins and Dives. We've explored a number of these places in our travels. Usually pretty good advise on good places to eat.



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