Q. What equipment do I use?

A. The images on this site have been shot with a variety of cameras. My primary camera is a Canon 5DMII. Other cameras have been a 4x5 Field view camera using both film and a Betterlight Digital Back, and a Mamiya 7 medium format rangefinder. I also have a homemade pinhole camera that can use medium or 4x5 format film. (see “Under the Canopy”). When shooting film, I scan the transparency using a high resolution drum scanner that gives me a great 200-400MB file to work with. All the “darkroom” work is done in Photoshop and printed with the Epson P7000 printer. The result is an archival print that will last for many decades.

Q.Why are some photos blue, and others pink?
Do you use filters?

A.This is a real common question. The answer is no, I don’t use color filters or Photoshop to make the images colored like this. This is how film records the blue color cast of open shadows as well as the warm glow of a sunrise or sunset. Depending upon the image, I may choose to leave the color this way or filter it out in the scan or printing process.


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